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Rush rush rush….

10 Dec

Dear Readers,

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m good and ready for this year to hurry up and end now.  Well, except for the last 2 weeks of this year, that is.

The past few weeks at my office have been absolutely crazy.  We’ve been getting our last few shipments in and sending them out at a hectic pace and little old me has been in the middle of all of it….hence the resounding silence on my blog.

We’re finally slowing down a bit, but I’m honestly so tired that I can’t get myself to do more than stare at my PC screen.  I’ve also developed a bit of a cold (why now!?!).

So I’ll be in hiding for the foreseeable future.  I’ll try to continue with my 30 Days meme as soon as I’m on holiday.

Meanwhile, bear with my silence as I ride out the last waves of 2010.



Dear Government (again)

21 Oct

It makes me very very sad to read the comments on articles like these ones on SowetanLive and these on TimesLive.  Not the comments that agree that its about time that the public speak up, not even the comments that say that the personal insults made by Gareth Cliff in his letter to government were rude and uncalled far.  No, the ones that break my heart are the ones that keep implying that criticizing the ANC led government in any form is racist.

Mr. President, isn’t it time to start teaching the people of our country to look past race?  Isn’t it time to stand on a pedestal and admit that while there are certainly still some issues that stem from the apartheid regime, the majority of issues are happening in the here and now where race should no longer play a part?

I agree with all of the comments that Gareth Cliff made (except perhaps the insults).  All of those areas are in a shambles and need work.  People need education, we need services, we need healthcare; but most importantly, we need a government that we can trust to tell the truth and trust to service our needs.  One that will let us know what’s happening, instead of trying to hide what’s not happening by muzzling the media.  One that will stop living in the past and walk with the people to secure our future.

You, as our leader, set up a presidential hotline a year ago, making us believe that we’d be able to call you and tell you what we’re not happy with.  Sadly, as I can also see from the comments mentioned above, this is yet another place that you have failed us.  People don’t even know if it’s still going.  How are we meant to see that there are results if there is no reporting structure?

I’d like to see a government where transparency rules.  One where corruption and lies are admitted and dealt with, instead of being investigated to death, likely in the hopes that the people will forget about it if you investigate it for long enough.  I’d like to see a government who tells us what the majority of people are complaining about, who tells us what they plan to do about it and when; and one that admits if it can’t make its deadlines.

I’d like to see a government who says sorry.  One that admits failure.  One that tries again after failing.

So, stop chasing power.  Stop chasing riches.  The only people you are enriching are yourselves.  Its not doing anybody else any good.

Personally, I wouldn’t care if you drive the newest Mercedes on the market, as long as you make me believe that you’ve earned it.




Dear Mom

14 May

It’s your birthday today and even though I could’ve told you how much you mean to me on Mother’s Day, I’ve chosen to do it today so that you know it’s just for you.

You brought me into this world and you often jokingly mention how you could take me out again.  You raised me to be independent, strong and confident and to take pride in who I am and what I accomplish.  You taught me how to love deeply and passionately and how to recover from pain and disappointment.

You stood back when my brothers and I decided to live with my dad, yet you welcomed me with open arms when I couldn’t stay with him anymore.  You consoled me when my heart got broken and kept me from letting my heartache consume me.

You left me to learn from my mistakes, but guided me back on the right path when I strayed too far.  You exposed your vulnerabilty to me when you went through hard times, but came back stronger every time.  You taught me that its okay to ask for help when you need it and that you should give help when it is asked of you.

You let me make my own choices, even when you didn’t agree with them and supported me, whatever the outcome. You drive me completely insane sometimes but you laugh with me like no-one else does.

Most importantly, you’ve taught me how to be a mother to the little girl I carry inside me.

I often thank God for blessing me with you as my mother and I thank Him again today for letting me have another year with you….and I pray for many, many more years with you.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you.


How I met your father….

17 Oct

*well Exmi, you asked for it….here is how hubby and I really met*

Dear Unborn Child (unconceived really…)

So you want to know how Daddy and I met? Well, it went like this:

My friend at the time, M, was studying marketing at UJ (still known as RAU back then) and through campus life, she managed to meet this band.

I don’t know the exact history of how she met them and what her relationship with them was, but I do know that she ended up managing the band.

I had just come out of a very long relationship, and was trying to get myself back into the social realm, spending time with the odd guy here and there, and partying as much as I possibly could. This inevitably led to me joining M on a trip to Heidelberg to see this little project of hers in action.

The place was called Coyotes (yes, I did have flashes of Coyote Ugly running through my mind) and the band was called Swallow 15. (the Coyote Ugly flashes got worse) They were a four piece band consisting of a chick on bass, two hot brothers on lead guitar and vocals, and a shy dude on drums with the biggest hair I’ve ever seen.

I kid you not!! Daddy had a mane of curly hair hanging halfway down his back, and standing in all directions. (Kinda like Angel’s hair :-)) There was something about him though…..I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but by the end of the night we were chatting like we’d known each other for years, had exchanged numbers and he was keeping me warm.

A week later I was back (wearing the skimpiest mini I could find)…..for some reason this shy, placid dude had completely bowled me over. At the end of their first set, I sat on his lap (I know…Mommy was a skank back then!!) and then asked him if he wanted to get some fresh air…..we barely made it out the door before I pinned him against a wall and snogged the breath out of him. (The rest of the band even asked if they could get their drummer back…..over the microphone!!)

We decided to do the whole dating thing at the end of that evening…..and two weeks later I broke up with him. I’d decided that I was going to walk all over him, and I wanted to spare him that. So much for that idea…….I didn’t last a week without him.

I broke up with him a second time two months later (but that’s a whole different story which Mommy will tell you when you’re a little older) but that break up also didn’t last much more than two weeks. In the end, something made me realise that this was the man I was meant to be with for the rest of my life….the best decision I’ve ever made, and the reason I’m your mommy today 🙂

With love
AW (your future mother)

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