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To Caz

3 Sep

It’s My Birthday, Mommy

(Dedicated to Sophia Grace)

I wish you could see the balloons, Mommy

There’re so many all around

Smiles and laughter and happiness, Mommy

Not one single tear to be found

There’s a big cake just for me, Mommy

And so many presents galore

Everyone’s dancing and singing, Mommy

There’s glitter all over the floor!

I wish I could show you these things, Mommy

I wish you could see my smile

I wish I could dance in your arms, Mommy

Even just for a little while

But, I see my Father each day, Mommy

And though I am missing you too

I know only happiness here, Mommy

And I’m patiently waiting for you

Happy birthday Sophia.



My Little Girl’s Birthday

6 Jul

Today is the first anniversary of the day my darling daughter was born.  Its been a year of learning and laughing and experiencing new things.  The cliché about nothing preparing you for life as a parent is certainly true.  I didn’t know how many nappies I would change, dirty noses I’d wipe or bumps and bruises I would kiss better; but I was kind of prepared for that part of it.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the overwhelming and all-encompassing love that I feel for my baby girl.  Her smile slays me daily.  Her laughter is the most infectious I’ve ever heard.  Her pain moves me to tears.  I’ve never before felt so helpless and so powerful all at the same time.  If I had to choose to give my life to save hers, I’d give mine in a heartbeat.

She is part of me in every way and today I want to share a bit of her with you 🙂

The day Sienna was born

One of her first smiles

Her Little Wonder Dress.

She gets her eyes from her dad.

She's the happiest baby I know 🙂

Taken by @philly_girl

Happy 1st birthday my little angel.  I love you more than I could ever explain!


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