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Telling stories….

3 Aug

…is not my strong point.

Which is why I tend to avoid writing full blown diary entries.  My writing is just not interesting/funny enough to convey the humour in a situation.  (Incidentally, I don’t tell jokes for the same reason.  My humour seems to be confined to sarcastic comments and stupid questions.)

Sadly, this means that regaling you with our Singstar  adventures from last night would probably not be nearly as hilarious as it was at the time. Telling you how my one opponent and I would sort of moan the words instead of singing them, is probably not as hysterical as it would’ve been had you been able to see the Neanderthal looks on our faces while we made sounds that should rather be confined to private restrooms.

Describing how my insane friend sat in front of me pulling ridiculous faces in a desperate attempt to draw my attention away from the song, resulting in me staring so hard at the screen that I forgot to blink, doesn’t quite do the moment justice.

Finally, reconstructing the scene where all four of us took turns wrestling each other alongside fervent claims that the other teams were cheating, all the while hiding the fact that we’d unplugged our opponents’ microphones isn’t even remotely as funny as it would’ve been if you had just been there.

So I won’t bore you with the details.  Just know that we had a blast 🙂


Could it be?

27 May

Am I slightly depressed?

I’ve been prescribed anti-depressants before, but I managed to get out of the situation that was causing my depression before I needed to fill the script.  It doesn’t seem as clear cut this time.

I have a couple of reasons why I suspect mild depression. First off, my total lack of motivation to do anything whatsoever…unless there is little or no effort involved, that is.   I can lay reading in bed for hours, as long as Hubby goes to fetch my book from wherever it is, as I’m too lazy to get up and fetch it myself.

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m not excited in the least.  It seems like too much effort to try and organise anything.  I’m usually a complete party animal who can’t wait to spend the whole weekend celebrating. Now I couldn’t care less.

I’m busy planning my baby shower but, in truth, I wish I could just ask everyone to post whatever gifts they want to send. Social gatherings seem to scare me off at the moment. (sorry ladies, that and my birthday are the reasons why I won’t be at Bloggirls this month)  I’m an extreme extrovert who loves being around people. This is very weird for me.

The most tell tale sign though is that it feels like I haven’t laughed in ages. So much so, that when I do laugh I sound strange to myself, like my laugh has changed and has become very strained.

I hope this is just a temporary side effect of my pregnancy and that it doesn’t last too much longer.  I kinda miss being a happy person….

Wordless Wednesday

29 Apr

Taken by Hubby at Budmarsh Lodge

Taken by Hubby at Budmarsh Lodge

Wordless Wednesday

15 Apr
I could stare at fire for hours (Taken at Maropeng)

I could stare at fire for hours (Taken at Maropeng - Sept 08)

Almost Wordless Wednesday

8 Apr

I know I said that I didn’t want my daughter to be drowned in pink stuff….but this is just so cute!! (And it makes her daddy all gaga)

Daddy loves soccer and ME!!! (Well, daddy doesn't really love soccer, but this was irresistable)

Daddy loves soccer and ME!!! (Well, daddy doesn't really love soccer, but this was irresistable)

Pink dungarees....adorable!!

Pink dungarees....adorable!!

All the clothes we've already received.

All the clothes we've already received.

Have a happy humpday!

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