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Burgers everywhere!

25 Jun

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that my family and I have been eating a lot of burgers.  I found a source of cheap, good quality hamburger patties at our local Checkers and now we can’t get enough!  We eat burgers at least once a week 🙂

We tend to keep it simple.  Plain rolls, beef patty, cheese, tomato sauce and mustard.  Occasionally we’ll add tomato or fried eggs for a bit of variety.

I almost forgot to take pictures because I was starving when we made this batch (and I’m generally pretty terrible at remembering to take pictures anyway) hence the big bites taken out of the one burger.

This specific batch had cheese and fried egg on.

Cheese and egg burgers

Cheese and egg burgers

They were amazing.  I highly recommend the beef patties or the chargrill patties from your local Checkers.


**Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this post.  This is an honest review of a product I enjoy**


Cheap Comfort Food

11 Jun

I have a family of four and, up until recently, we were a single-income family.  That’s almost unheard of in South Africa, where you have to earn a pretty large salary for the luxury of one parent staying home.

I’ve had to find cheap, easy recipes that my husband, young daughter and infant son (who just recently started eating solids – yay!) would all enjoy.

Enter the classic and well-known spaghetti bolognaise.  A firm favourite all over the world and so quick to make.


Pardon the blurry photos 😛

I breastfeed my son, and he’s allergic to onions so I didn’t use my usual tomato&onion mix.  The tin in the pic already had basil and oregano added, which made it even more convenient.

The spaghetti was cooked following the usual package instructions.  Seriously, I could cook pasta before I knew how long to boil a soft egg for.  It’s super easy and pasta sells for an average of R10 a packet depending on where you buy.

I prefer very lean beef mince, which tends to be slightly more expensive, but I don’t like the fatty kind at all.  You can generally get away with around R35 for 400g or so.  This is enough to feed us plus a little left over for me for work the next day.

I’m not sure exactly how much the tin of diced tomato cost because hubby bought it, but I do know that the average cost for a tin of diced tomatoes with added herbs is between R11 – R16 depending on the brand and where you buy it.

Simmering away nicely.

Simmering away nicely.

I started off by frying up a bit of garlic and adding the mince to brown it. (If you’re adding onions, be sure to sauté them before adding the meat)  I then added the tin of diced tomatoes, a sachet of tomato paste and some Ina Paarman’s Rosemary and Olive Seasoning and let it simmer for a while.  I also added my secret ingredient….a teaspoon or so of sugar.

The sugar really rounds off the flavour and stops it from being too bland.


Et voila! Super quick, super easy supper for under R60.  This works with almost any kind of meat.  I’ve even made it with tuna.  It works with no meat at all, but then I would double up on the tomatoes.

Enjoy 🙂


I’m an addict

28 Oct

To the point of almost being a dealer.

My drug of choice? Pinterest.

When I first heard of Pinterest, I thought that I would never find a use for it.  I don’t have a wedding to plan, I’m not a designer or a fashionista and I don’t spend hours on the net looking for pretty images.  I decided to request an invite anyway, being the serial early adopter that I am.

A few days later I received my invite.  I’m yet to figure out if this was a good thing or a bad thing.  I spent all of two minutes on the site before coming up with at least ten different boards that I could make.  The food category alone was enough to keep me staring at my screen for hours on end, pinning one delicious picture after the other.

I’ve discovered that you don’t need to be a designer or a fashion fundi or a bride-to-be to appreciate the stunning ideas and images on the site.  I’m not a photographer, but one day I might want someone to take pictures of me and Pinterest has helped me find poses that I may want to try.  I’m not a chef, but I’ve found countless meal ideas that are quick and easy to make by even the most disastrous of cooks.  I’ve found hundreds of fun and informative games and crafts to do with my little girl.  I’ve even become the proud owner of a sewing machine and can’t wait to try some of the patterns that I’ve come across on Pinterest.

My biggest challenge now?  Getting off of Pinterest long enough to actually try the dozens of projects that I’ve pinned.

And the dealer part I mentioned above? Pinterest is open by invitation only, so leave me a comment and I’ll send you an invite 😉

A break from regular programming….

18 Nov

….for a quick, but passionate, rant.

There is no such thing as  “it would of been better” or  “I’m been followed”.  It’s  “it would have been better” and “I’m being followed”.  Use proper English or shut up.

That is all.

It’s official….

3 Jun

….I’m obsessed with everything Twilight.

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite that bad. I mean, I’m not going to go and buy posters and all the little extra journals and reading companions (okay, maybe one companion…) and all that stuff, but I’m definitely hooked on the story.

So what proof do I have that I may well be obsessed? Well, I got the four books of the saga last week Thursday for my birthday. I finished reading the 3rd book this morning. Only the last one to go.  Also, I went out to buy the soundtrack last night and ordered the 2-disk special edition DVD online this morning.

Oh, and I’m not quite sleeping nearly as much as a pregnant woman should.  Why would I sleep when I can use that time to read.  I seem to be surviving on 4 to 5 hours a night….which is generally unheard of for me, even when not pregnant.

I’m hoping my life will return to normal once I’ve finished the last book. Found closure on the story and all that.

Alternatively, I may need therapy after all.

*Update: It’s Friday, 5 June 2009, a week after my birthday….and I have read all four books.  Now to claw my way back to normality 🙂

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