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The Reunion

11 Aug

Okay, so it went a lot better than I expected.

You may remember that I mentioned my reunion a few weeks ago.

Last week Saturday was the big day.  We ended up being an hour late (we’re always late), but luckily it was pretty informal so it didn’t matter.

The first thought that went through my head was: “I’m not the only one who got fat….YAY!”.  Apparently my own body issues was my only stumbling block to having a good time.  That, and how quickly I could get….lubricated.  Hubby and I cracked open our wine and let the good times commence.

It was so good to see how everybody had grown up.  There were your odd pockets of people that still wouldn’t mingle with anyone else, but for the most part everyone chatted to everyone else with none of high school prejudice we had 10 years ago.  We laughed and reminisced and talked the night away.  We had a few quiet moments remembering all of our friends that had passed away since we matriculated (11 in total, I was told).  All in all we had a blast.

In fact, so much of a blast was had that we’ve decided to have a reunion after party.  Only about half of our year was able to make it to the reunion because of the long weekend so we’re doing it again….in summer.  They’ve even specifically requested that everyone bring their kids along instead of leaving them with sitters.

I can’t wait!



Current Addictions

16 Apr

Once again I’m copying the idea of fellow blogger, Being Brazen (thanks lady!)

I am currently addicted to the point of needing rehab to the following:

Strawberry Milkshake: I really can’t get enough of the stuff.  We’ve been eating at Spur a lot lately and they have a pretty kick-ass strawberry milkshake. I’m at a point where I finish the milkshake before the starter even gets there.  I don’t know if I crave the sweetness or the creaminess, but I do know that I’m not getting over this addiction anytime soon.

Solitaire: On my phone. It’s sad, I know.  I have an HTC which runs Windows Mobile as its operating system and everyone knows that Solitaire is the standard game for anything Windows. Whenever I know I’m going to a place for anything longer than 5 minutes, (my average game takes 6 minutes to finish) my phone goes with me.  Hubby often has to chase me out of bed in the mornings when I just want to play a quick game.

Berry Delight Nougat: I’ve mentioned this one before as well 🙂 I never used to like nougat at all.  Then suddenly I was faced with the choice between nougat and chocolate….naturally, I had to try the nougat and I’ve never looked back.  I like the traditional nougat with the nuts in as well, but the Berry Delight is just so much more yummy!

Ouma Sliced Buttermilk Rusks:  yes, another food addiction….I blame the baby!  It’s gotten to a point that breakfast doesn’t feel complete without a few rusks.  I even had rusks for supper last night (as my entire supper).  The shop bought rusks don’t quite compare with my Gran’s home-baked version, but she hasn’t baked in a while, so I have to settle for second best.

I can think of even more food that I’m addicted to, but I think I’ll stop there for now 🙂 Have a good one!!

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