Would you look at that?

11 Jan

I still have a blog.  Amazing.

I doubt anyone out there is actually still looking to see if I might post anything.  Don’t worry, chances of me becoming a regular blogger again is virtually zero.

I’ve just never been that into documenting my life in any way.  I get bored too quickly.

That probably makes me a bad mommy too, since I don’t catalogue my daughter’s milestones either.  Meh, sorry, at least my husband takes a LOT of pictures.

Anyway, this blog will stay here.  It has it’s uses, and maybe something will change, and I’ll regain my will to blog again.

Don’t hold your breath though 😉


One Response to “Would you look at that?”

  1. Dawn 13/01/2013 at 10:20 #

    You’re still alive! :o)

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