Sienna’s Favourite Things

19 Oct

Okay, so I’ve seen this on Jenty and Louisa‘s sites and thought that I’d like to do one too.  At least it’ll get me posting again 😉

TV Show: Spongebob Squarepants, ad nauseum.

Meal: Its a toss up between 2 minute noodles and toast with Bovril on. Easy kid.

Fruit: okay, maybe not that easy.  She likes those dried fruit sticks at least. Real fruit is a no-go for now.

Vegetable: erm, potatoes?

Breakfast: this one isn’t so hard.  Sienna loves oats and cereal.  She normally eats a very hearty breakfast that lasts her until well into the morning.

Drink: my kid has always loved any form of liquid.  Her favourites at the moment are milk with the Purity powder in and Oros.

Drinking yogurt flavour: I must admit that I haven’t tried giving her drinking yogurt yet, but she loves the eating kind. Strawberry is her absolute fav.

Sweets: somewhere along the line, Sienna started liking chocolate.  It’s not something she picked up from me.  Her favourites are Chomps and the little chocolate bear vitamins that she gets every day.

Chips/crisps: I much prefer salty snacks to sweets and most of the time Sienna’s the same.  She’ll eat any chip, even if it burns.  We usually get her Cheese Curls or Flings.

Toy: this changes daily.  I don’t think she has one toy that she prefers over anything else. (I’ve been thinking about this for 10 minutes and I still can’t think of any toy that she likes more than all her others)

Colour: As far as I can tell, it’s always been red.  She loves wearing red clothes and notices red things first.  Her favourite outfit is a red dress.

Something that happened yesterday:

I was off sick with a tummy bug yesterday, so I don’t really know how many cute things she was doing around the house while I was hiding in bed.

She did do one really cute thing though, I’d gotten back into bed soon after her dad brought her home from daycare, and she proceeded to climb up onto the bed.  The next moment she was snuggled up under the covers next to me.  It would’ve been lovely to keep her there if she could lay still for longer than 2 seconds.


One Response to “Sienna’s Favourite Things”

  1. Louisa 20/10/2011 at 05:55 #

    At least she eats something!

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