27 Jul

I’ve become somewhat of a food blog stalker of late.

The blame for this rests on the shoulders of Pinterest and Jessica.

Anyone who has had the good fortune of receiving an invite from Pinterest, will know how many hours you suddenly spend trawling the Net for pretty pictures that inspire you, make you laugh or help you put pictures to your dreams.   Their categories make it easy to find more and more and just one more board to add to your collection.

One of my favourite categories is obviously food.  The women in my family have always had a particular love of food and I myself rarely cook run of the mill meals, preferring to experiment with exotic recipes.  The seemingly endless stream of ideas on Pinterest has inspired me to try many more new things.

Enter Jessica.  I’ve been following her blog for ages anyway, especially looking forward to her dessert reviews.  I”m not much of a sweet tooth myself, but hearing how much she enjoyed some of her sugary adventures left my mouth watering all the same.  I could tell that she was as much of a food lover as I am (albeit food of the sweeter variety 😉 )  It should come as no surprise then, that her blog lead me to this one.

Pure genius!  I’m a Joburger through and through, but I find myself yearning for Cape Town just to try out the restaurants mentioned by Rob.  I’ve even made the single recipe that he’s posted on his young blog (it was delicious!).  Waiting for his next post has become like waiting for the next episode of my favourite show.

It’s been all downhill from there.  I’ve taken to adding a separate category in my reader for food blogs only.  I’ve even started planning my grocery lists according to the ideas that I’ve found online.  My feed reader has turned into an ever evolving cookbook and I just can’t get enough!

Let’s hope my waistline survives my new obsession.



One Response to “Fooooooood!!”

  1. JessicaGiggles 27/07/2011 at 13:43 #

    You make me blush! 🙂 My sweet tooth is quite unrivalled and I’m glad that I can satisfy your sweet tooth with my reviews… xx

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