Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you badly

8 Nov

I’ve never been the most popular person amongst my peers.  That should be the first indication that I’ve had many people that have made my life miserable over the years.

I’m not sure why some people were so nasty to me.  I’m not particularly pretty, I’m not rich and I’m nice to people….it’s something that’s baffled me for years.  Yet, throughout my relatively short life, I’ve often had at least one person who totally hated my guts; and they made no secret of it.

I think I’ll catalogue the people that have been particularly nasty to me over the years…because I can:

  1. Claudette – the first girl who hated me in primary school.  I think it had something to do with the fact that I could read when I started school.  Some jealousy issues or something. Frankly, I still have no clue why she didn’t like me.
  2. Corine – we met in high school. After I kissed her best friend’s boyfriend. Okay, so that one was my fault.
  3. Nadia – we were in primary school together. Never friends, but never really enemies either.  She became much more popular in high school and suddenly her favourite pastime was to make fun of me where I could hear her.  Pity I didn’t actually care what she thought of me.  Some people are just malicious like that.
  4. Sadly my stepmom and dad also make this list.  We’re on much better terms now, but there was a time when I would look for excuses not to see them.  It was a miserable time, one that I’m glad is over now.
  5. My last boss.  He was a wretched man who went out of his way to make my life hell.  He would go for weeks not speaking to me due to some error on my part.  All the while the atmosphere in the office would be thick with tension.  Everyone could see when he was in a bad mood, but he refused to just deal with it and move on.  It was like he was determined to make me suffer.  When he would finally confront me about whatever it was that I had supposedly done wrong, I would be completely bowled over by his utterly absurd accusations.  He once refused to speak to me for three weeks because I had assumed that the one new chair we’d gotten was to replace my broken chair.  Apparently that’s not what it was for.   I never did find out what he wanted that stupid chair for.  It was all I could do not to shout from the hilltops when he handed in his resignation.

I’m happy to announce that I currently have no-one in my life that is treating me badly.  Granted, some of our clients are total idiots, but they are just clients and they tend to be pretty childish more often than not.  I choose not to let it get to me in the long run.  I’ve gotten to a point where people being nasty to me doesn’t bother me that much anymore. Sure, it hurts when they say certain things, but in the long run they’re the bitter ones, not me.   I can decide whether I want to take their (often unjust) opinions to heart and let it run my life, or I can brush it off and move on to better things.  I don’t need negative people in my life.


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