On absence

10 Sep

There is a reason why there is such a huge drought between my posts.

I don’t like writing about day to day happenings.

I find no interest in writing about possessions that give me joy or the latest scandal at my office.  Frankly, when I do try writing about them, just to keep up a steady run of posting, my posts become as boring and mundane as the things I write about.

I prefer to write about things that make my heart ache, whether in a good or a bad way. I prefer putting emotion and passion into my posts.  That’s not to say that I don’t believe that other bloggers have feelings about what they write. I just don’t function in the same way.

The funny thing is, when I can feel how much passion and emotion I put into any particular post, I don’t care as much about what others think of my writing.  It’s the only time I do it for me and only me.

My point really is that I probably won’t ever write very often, but when I do….its going to be with every ounce of passion that I have in me.


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