Current Addictions

16 Apr

Once again I’m copying the idea of fellow blogger, Being Brazen (thanks lady!)

I am currently addicted to the point of needing rehab to the following:

Strawberry Milkshake: I really can’t get enough of the stuff.  We’ve been eating at Spur a lot lately and they have a pretty kick-ass strawberry milkshake. I’m at a point where I finish the milkshake before the starter even gets there.  I don’t know if I crave the sweetness or the creaminess, but I do know that I’m not getting over this addiction anytime soon.

Solitaire: On my phone. It’s sad, I know.  I have an HTC which runs Windows Mobile as its operating system and everyone knows that Solitaire is the standard game for anything Windows. Whenever I know I’m going to a place for anything longer than 5 minutes, (my average game takes 6 minutes to finish) my phone goes with me.  Hubby often has to chase me out of bed in the mornings when I just want to play a quick game.

Berry Delight Nougat: I’ve mentioned this one before as well 🙂 I never used to like nougat at all.  Then suddenly I was faced with the choice between nougat and chocolate….naturally, I had to try the nougat and I’ve never looked back.  I like the traditional nougat with the nuts in as well, but the Berry Delight is just so much more yummy!

Ouma Sliced Buttermilk Rusks:  yes, another food addiction….I blame the baby!  It’s gotten to a point that breakfast doesn’t feel complete without a few rusks.  I even had rusks for supper last night (as my entire supper).  The shop bought rusks don’t quite compare with my Gran’s home-baked version, but she hasn’t baked in a while, so I have to settle for second best.

I can think of even more food that I’m addicted to, but I think I’ll stop there for now 🙂 Have a good one!!


One Response to “Current Addictions”

  1. angel 20/04/2009 at 08:03 #

    I love nougat- my current favourite is the black cherry one…

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