So much to tell….

3 Nov

I have two weekends happenings to squeeze into one post, seeing as I seem to be losing days left, right and centre….

So, last Friday I went to a sex toy party.

It’s not what you think…..

This really cool and hilariously funny lady sells a whole range of different toys, lotions and potions at private parties for ladies only. She’s actually a marriage counsellor who needed to fill a script in a sex shop (her words) and never looked back. All her goods are *ahem* tried and tested by eight couples going through various marital difficulties and are only added to her catalogue if 85% of her test subjects are happy with the product. Which means I got to choose from the crème de la crème of toys on the market…hehehe (this is not the type of party you attend if you have a tight budget…trust me!!)

Saturday saw me going on a mad road trip through the Wild West (also known as Krugersdorp) on a expedition to find all the little factory shops in the area. My two friends grew up on the West Rand and graciously took the roles as tour guides. I ended up spending even more money and going home with way too many sweets and a makeshift roadmap so I can find the shops again. (Especially the sweets shop!!)

Saturday night had my usual shift at Greensleeves, with me working especially hard to make up for my philandering ways. The only interesting things I can relay from there is that I managed to burn myself on some candle wax and later on hot bread.

After church on Sunday, Hubby and I went on another excursion to Baba Indaba at the Sandton Convention Centre. I’m broody in a very big way, but only ended up buying something for myself. (again with the spending…..I was on a rampage!!) I did have a go at pushing the brand new Jeep Liberty SE through a hectic obstacle course. I have got to get me one of those!!

Another week followed with nothing much other than work happening.

This past Friday was spent having a quiet, romantic evening at home followed by a lazy late morning in bed. Hubby and I went on another excursion to find prices for a whole bunch of baby stuff (you can never be too prepared) when Greensleeves phoned to hear if I could work. Sadly, due to my severe spending over the previous weekend I had to say yes and had to cancel my plans to attend Angel and Glugs‘ party. (I did send Hubby with Ruby though)

Finally I spent most of what was left of the day after church sleeping. I was so tired that I missed two phone calls and four smsses while I was asleep!! I also realised that it may be time to get a maid…..hmmm


3 Responses to “So much to tell….”

  1. angel 03/11/2008 at 18:50 #

    oooh baby shopping… i think i may be a wee bit jealous!
    i am so sorry you had to work- but it was awesome to meet your hubby, he’s very cool indeed!

  2. MsBehavn 04/11/2008 at 12:10 #

    Those jeep prams are very impressive but unless you have a HUGE boot (or a trailer) to put it into, totally impractical!

  3. Arkwife 04/11/2008 at 12:21 #

    Angel: no need to be jealous, I’m not pregnant yet 🙂 And I’ll pass on the compliment to hubby. O, and thanks for the doggie bag….that cupcake was divine!!

    MsB: Damn….I didn’t even think of that!

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