Change is as good as a holiday

9 Jul

I had a haircut last night. And it looks fabulous.

I’m not someone who likes too much change, even though I get bored fairly easily. When my husband recently got a makeover for the band’s photo shoot for the new album cover, I burst into tears. He looked amazing, but it was too much change for me to handle all at once.

Which is why I was apprehensive about my potential new look.

Once of my closest friends is an excellent hairdresser, with a salon built onto her house. She gave me a voucher for a free haircut at the salon for my birthday, which I redeemed last night.

As it happened, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with my hair, and upon mentioning this to her, my friend practically begged me to give her free reign over the style, colour and length of my hair…..meaning I had no say, and no idea of what it would look like.

The thought of it nearly had me in tears again!!

Regardless, her being the expert that she is, (especially considering what my husband looked like after she was done with him) I told her that she could do what she liked.

The result, incredible!! I look and feel great, and hubby seems to love it 🙂

My darling friend truly is a genius when it comes to hair…….and I would gladly recommend her to anyone else (in the general Johannesburg area). So if you want a haircut from the very best, drop me an email 🙂


One Response to “Change is as good as a holiday”

  1. Glugster 09/07/2008 at 18:18 #

    See, if you had interfered you would not have been happy with the result.

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